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Reddot award 2022 uBee mobility
uBee urban mobility solution folded as a trolley or unfolded as a cargo scooter



uBee is a compact transport solution that can easy be stored at home and provides a trendy support for you and your goods to navigate nimble through the city.

This unique blend of a cargo bike, a kick scooter and a trolley is a relief for people who want to move cargo over short distances with minimal strain on their body.

Within 3 seconds this cargo scooter transforms into a trolley, making it agile to drive, easy to take both indoor & outdoor and a compact companion in shops or for multi-modal transport.


uBee is a relief for your body, as there is no need to carry goods by hand or on your back, nor to pack/un-pack when changing transport means. 

With loads up to 40L, the three-wheeled kick-scooter is stable and safe to drive, supported by the two big front wheels.

And uBee’s size is the cherry on the cake. Since it is smaller than a cargo bike, you benefit from small turning radius, moving you agile through your neighbourhood.

uBee with extra handle to support when used as aTrolley Step
scooter in multimoldal use

Compact to store

Within seconds the scooter folds into a trolley, providing you a handy companion in stores as well as an ergonomic friend in strolling through the city streets.

Folded, it is small enough to easily store it at home, hub on and off public transport, or dropping it in the back of a (shared) car.

Flexible support

compact lugage solution for cities

The scooter is designed in a way that it can easily be modified to fit your needs. uBee comes with a trendy bag solution but can as well be used to load your bulky goods. A big variety of weight can be transported: groceries, musical instruments, golf bags,... 

Reddot award uBee mobility
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Loaded or unloaded, discover how smooth you cruise through the urban jungle and how easy it fits in your dwelling. Register and test this innovative mobility solution.

uBee test in Antwerp


Customize your uBee to fit your personality.

Feel the pride when stepping out. You are unique and and so is uBee. We value great design to make you stand out.

There is conscious thought been given to both shape and colours, awarded with the Red Dot award. But we leave the final touch to you to reinforce your identity.