Our story

We, Wouter and Marleen, are the creators of uBee. We love the city life, where almost everything is only a step away, ranging from daily purchases, hobbies and work. But when needing to carry luggage around, we suffered with the current supportive solutions.

Bikes overload in city

Basically, we had 2 main challenges.

Firstly, to avoid leaving our bikes unprotected outside, we had extra rental costs for a garage or pack them in our small hall, causing some daily logistic challenges.

Secondly, we are a fan of the sharing solutions and public transport. Nevertheless, we noticed that these solutions are often still some blocks away and you have some intermediate miles to cover between multimodal stops. Especially with goods to carry, it would come in handy to have a transport companion that can be stored compactly and still has the support functionality for you and your luggage.

transport different goods on step or scooter

After a long search for a safe, compact and trendy product to carry different types of luggage around, we concluded it did not exist and decided to create it ourselves. uBee was born!

We want to offer a solution for residents with less space at home that will support them daily in the 'first, last and only (luggage) mile’.

uBee will be privately owned so you have a solution from doorstep to doorstep, but it also blends in with other city transport solutions. Commuting becomes easier than it has ever been. You never have to park your uBee when switching transport means, as it can compactly be folded, allowing you to hub on and off public transport or dropping it in the back of a (shared) car.

use step or scooter multimodal when carry goods

Safety first

make kick scooter safer with three wheels and lower speed

The security of uBee drivers and other road users is fundamental and no compromises are accepted on safety. With its 2 big front wheels and wide wheelbase the three-wheel scooter is more stable than its 2-wheel competitors.

uBee limits the speed to 18km/h for the electric version to comply with all EU national road regulations.

Also special attention has been given to visibility at night and a comfortable hand brake.


uBee… stands for Urban Bee. Convinced that our cargo step will contribute to the environmentally friendly city ecosystem like an urban Bee.

uBee blends in with multimodal transport, supports local trade, and minimises CO2-emission in cities.

This three-wheeler is made in Belgium with sustainable materials to minimise the impact on our planet.

Finally, we only make use of monomaterials, making this micromobility solution easy to recycle, as we aim for nothing less than a true green story.

urban bee urban mobility solution


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