Technical specifications


1000mm (h) X 420mm (w) X 1100mm (d)

Dimensions folded

1000mm (h) X 420mm (w) X 400mm (d)


Rear wheel disc

Maximal load incl. driver



Max speed: it's all within your control

Weight: 8kg

Price 790EUR*


Max speed: 18km/h

Weight: 17.5kg

Price 1790EUR*

* Price are excluding bag and are subject to change. We working hard to have the best possible design, which could lead to a change in price by the time uBee goes into production. 

Unique features

Extra handle

When folded as a trolley, the central handle at the top makes it delightful to stroll. 

Double front wheels

2 big front wheels and the wide wheelbase keeps you steady on the road. The carving mechanism provides the unique blend of freedom and security when you surf through the city.   

Simple folding mechanism

In one click you switch from scooter to trolley and back. Having a convertible mobilty solution provides you more freedom. You can walk, take it with you in a shop, step or just store it away at home, on public transport or in a car.

Drum brake

Safety is key. With a rear wheel drum brake you are secured at all weather conditions.

Flexible loading platform

The versatile loading platform is there to fit your needs. Especially for bulky goods it comes in handy.  You can load up to 40kg and a big variety of goods can be transported: groceries, musical instruments, golf bags,...